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Paper Visa (Visa issued by the Embassy and affixed on the passport) facility is provided by the Embassy to those who are not able/eligible to apply for e-Visa and whose purpose of visit is not covered in e-Visa categories (Tourist, Business, Medical, Medical Attendant, Conference). Please read [e-Visa] before proceeding further.

Steps to Apply:

    1. Visit and fill user friendly application form.

    2. Once the applicant fills details on first page and clicks continue, it is advised to note down the temporary application Id which is displayed at the top of the page. The temporary application Id is required, if the applicant wants to continue the same application form at a later stage.

    3. After Submission of all the details upload the photo of the applicant. While uploading the photo, guidelines mentioned at should be adhered to.

    4. After submitting the form online, take a print out of the application and note down the application Id.

    5. Affix photo and sign at the designated place.

    6. Assemble all the documents / papers necessary to fill the online Google form.

        1. Common documents required for all categories of visa typically includes:

          1. Copy of current passport

          2. Duly filled-in application form

          3. Copy of residence permit or national identity card

          4. Copy of current bank statements proving your financial standing

          5. Copy of Air flight booking

          6. Copy of visa fee deposit receipt in Bank

          7. Copy of valid Yellow fever vaccination card/ certificate


        1. Documents required based on category of visa are as below:

          1. Tourist Visa: Copy of booking of hotel accommodation in India

          2. Business Visa: Invitation letter from Business entity in India with whom applicant intend to do business with and The documents/papers of company in India with whom you propose to have business activity such as the Registration of the company under the Companies Act or proof of Registration of the firm with the State Industries Department or the Export Promotion Council concerned or any recognized promotional body in the relevant field of industry or trade etc.

          3. Conference Visa: 1.A copy of an invitation to a conference/seminar/workshop being organized in India and 2.Copy of booking of hotel accommodation in India.

          4. Medical Visa: 1.Latest Recommendation Letter from your treating doctor/hospital stating that your medical condition is as such that you need emergent medical attention abroad and
            2.Invitation/Appointment letter from Doctor/Hospital in.

          5. Student Visa: 1.Copy of Admission letter from University / Institute (IN PDF FORMAT) mentioning duration of course and its recognition under UGC/AICTE. Please note that proposed University/Institute must be recognized by recognizing body in India such as UGC or AICTE and 2.Proof of deposit of Tuition & allied fee to University/Institute. If you chose to deposit fee to University on arrival in India, submit a consent letter from your University/Institute in this regard.

          6. Employment Visa: Copy of Employment Contract between applicant and employer company signed by both parties. Please note that employer company must be offering minimum annual salary of Rs.16.25 lakh (approximately USD 22000).

          7. Transit Visa: 1.Copy of visa of final destination country and 2.Copy of booking of hotel accommodation in India.

          8. Diplomatic Visa/Official: Copy of Note Verbale from Foreign Office, Dakar recommending Gratis Visa if applicant is travelling to India to join his new assignment there or going on other official duty.

          9. Entry Visa: 1.Copy of recommendation letter for you from the foreign national already in India on valid Indian Visa or from person of Indian Origin or from Overseas Citizen of India, inviting you to join him/her in India. Please note that in recommendation letter the inviting person should take responsibility of all your expenses such as accommodation, medical etc. and 2.Copy of passport & visa of Foreign National or OCI card of Overseas Citizen of India, inviting you to join him/her in India.

      1. Fill the online form here: form. Please note that as part of the scrutiny, if it comes to the notice of the Embassy, at any stage, that some crucial information was withheld / suppressed at the time of making online application, processing of the application would be affected negatively.

      2. Wait for response from the Embassy.

      3. Embassy will give appointment and the applicant needs to be present in the Embassy exactly at the time given with original passport and other documents.


    Visa applications with passport can be submitted on the day of the appointment in the morning from 1030 hrs to 1130 hrs. Ready visas can be collected in the afternoon from 1530 hrs to 1630 hrson the same day or the day given by the Embassy.

    Postal service

    If sending your application by post / seeking return of the serviced documents by post, please note that:

    I. Embassy is not responsible for any loss of documents in post.

    II. If requesting Embassy to return the serviced documents by post, applicant needs to include:

      1. signed letter indemnifying Embassy from any loss of documents in post,

      2. self-addressed envelope (the envelop must be strong enough for the safe dispatch of the documents), and,

      3. postal charges (these postal charges for return by post must be added to the other relevant fees as applicable e.g.:

      1. Consular / Visa / passport service fee

      2. ICFW fee

      3. Banking commission, if any, for transferring the fee into Embassy’s bank account

    Frequent Errors in applications leading to delays and at times rejections:

    Following listing of frequent errors in applications is given to forewarn the applicants so that they avoid these usual pitfalls that cause delays and at times outright rejection of service:

    a. Entering wrong name in the GoogleForm (thus instead of entering the name of the applicant, some agents fill their names; parents instead of entering the names of their minor children who are the applicants, parents fill their own names). This makes locating the application very difficult, causes avoidable delays and wastes precious time of all)

    b. Missing photo (that has to be pasted on the duly filled in application form)

    c. Faded or low quality photos

    d. Missing signature (in the designated box in the duly filled application form; generally on the first page and also on the last page);

    e. Illegible scans

    f. Inconsistent details (e.g. different name / surname / spouse name/ residential address etc in the application form compared to that in the in the present passport)

    g. Missing fee (when the fee receipt submitted is of amount less than what is due in respect of relevant application. Typical gaps occur due to non-deposit of the DHL fee for returning the documents mostly observed from applicants from Guinea Bissau and The Gambia)

    h. Invalid / incomplete / inaccurate documents (e.g. expired Residence permit copy; outdated bank statements / invitation letters from Indian company / medical certificates; incomplete university fee deposit proof etc)

    i. Old application forms

    k. Uploading scans of wrong documents (for example, in instead of  passport application form, many applicants upload their passport copy;  instead of "Residence permit", the upload passport copy; instead of proper receipt of payment in embassy’s bank account, uploading irrelevant / blank paper etc.)

    Please avoid making the above errors and fill the application carefully to ensure prompt hassle-free service.


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